Memory Foam Pillow with Gel Memory Foam reviews

Upon opening the pillow, we found it compressed for packaging. It advises to let the pillow rise for 24 hours. There was a slight odor, but that is common for memory foam pillows.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by LinenSpa

This pillow is exactly what a memory foam pillow should be - soft and fluffy yet somehow firm and supportive. It fluffs over the hours not used and it fits to your neck and shoulders. It also does not run hot like a lot of memory foam does. This one actually does stay cool and you will really like that, cause nobody likes a hot pillow.

Shredded memory foam increases air circulation and breathability

The pillow has a zipper case which is good. It has a mild smell like all foam product has but it's not overpowering. The pillow is very heavy. The foam adds a surprising weight. It feels full and substantial.

Perfect blend of support and comfort from LinenSpa

You will notice an impression from your nights sleep the next day. Just fluff the pillow as you would any other and its back to a full appearance. Although the feel is very different and may take a few nights to become accustomed to. Now I sleep soundly through the night and no longer try to prop my head with my arm.

Negative reviews

Many customers write that this pillow is not good for a side sleepers. It is far too flat for proper support and it feels like a rock. It's tall and head rests on it at a strange angel, not sinking into the pillow at all.

Overall rating 4 stars of 5 stars

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