Conforma Memory Foam Pillow reviews

These pillows are for people who are serious about sleeping. The length is really nice and the pillow is just so supportive while not being uncomfortably firm. Very comfortable pillow. Very thick and although it does sink it sinks to about the perfect thickness for side sleepers.

Conforma Memory Foam Pillow by Classic Brands

This pillow were made as a memory foam solution for side sleepers. It has the support of memory foam, as well as the contouring to your body thing going on, but the shape is correct and it's slightly softer than many other competitors.

Cooling Thermal Regulation Technology

This pillow helped keep body in a supported and comfortable position that alleviated pressure from the shoulder. It takes some time to get used to it but once you do, there's no going back. That cover it comes with is soft, but hot for the summer.

Ventilated Memory Foam With Cool Sleep Technolog

This pillow is pretty firm, so if you'd prefer a softer pillow, this probably isn't for you. The cover is very soft and the pillow is high quality. This pillow works wonders for someone that had always slept awful through the night.

Negative reviews

There was a smell when I first unpacked it, but it didn't seem that bad to me, and after about a week, it was completely gone. Unfortunately some customers thought that it is very heavy and does not compress causing neck and back pain.

Overall rating 4,5 stars of 5 stars

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